‘Charity’ collector arrested

A man arrested for collecting cash illegally from donors.
A man arrested for collecting cash illegally from donors.

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested a Jordanian man who was collecting donations and keeping them for himself. Detectives learned about the man’s activities – collecting charity from citizens and expats without a license in Salmiya. The suspect confessed to collecting KD 50,000, adding that he spent some of it for his pleasure.

Traffic crackdowns
The traffic department carried out several surprise campaigns in the six governorates between May 15 and 21 that resulted in issuing 45,965 traffic citations and impounding 1,796 vehicles and 11 motorcycles, while 69 persons were detained and eight deported for driving without a license.

Cleaning campaigns
Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department said the cleaning department carried out cleaning campaigns on the islands of Um Al-Maradem, Miskan, Kubbar, Failaka, Qaruh and Uha. Director of the Capital governorate’s Municipality branch Ammar Fahd Al-Ammar said 945 bags of waste were removed during the campaigns.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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