Child molester deported

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man in his 60s was deported after he was caught molesting children in a Farwaniya mall. Security guards at the mall suspected the man who used to lure children who were away from their parents, and took them to corners and toilets. When they reviewed CCTV tapes, they found out that he sexually molested them. Security men handed a CD containing the footage to police who arrested the suspect and he later confessed to committing the crimes. Authorities decided to deport him as the victims’ families chose against lodging complaints.

An Iranian man who works at the scrap yard told Sulaibiya police that he was stopped by a man wearing a dishdasha who introduced himself as a detective, then robbed him. The suspect reportedly got out of his car and accused the Iranian of being on drugs, then asked him to empty his pockets. The Iranian, who had around KD 1,000 in cash with him, was then robbed and the suspect escaped. The victim gave police the license plate number of the suspect’s car; which was found out to be reported stolen.

A Kuwaiti minor was beaten by an unknown person in Al-Qusoor. The suspect took the minor’s mobile phone, as the victim’s father lodged a complaint at Adan police station. He said that he dialed his son’s number which was answered by a man working in a mobile phone shop, who told him he bought the phone from a person, and gave him his details and phone number. Police will summon the suspect as investigations are underway.

Domestic violence
A Lebanese woman was beaten by her husband, and she lodged a complaint at the police station. The husband is being summoned for questioning.

A poet received a threat via Snapchat by an unknown person who left a remark stating that he will kill him. The unknown person sent a photo of an AK-47, which he said will use to shoot him dead. The poet went to police and lodged a complaint. An investigation was opened.
Fugitive caught
A complaint about an actress’ beating led to the discovery of a bedoon man sentenced to six months in jail, and is a fugitive wanted in an arson case. Investigations continue about the reason why the actress was at the camel stables and her relation with the suspect. The bedoon man was arrested and legal action is being taken against him.

A con artist stole KD 40,000 from several people after getting to know them through social media, then he threatened to expose them if they demanded their money back. The Gulf national lured women into believing that he loved them, and later claimed that his elderly father was in need of financial help. One woman gave him KD 20,000 she got through a loan, while another paid him KD 15,000 and a third KD 5,000. The man then ignored the three women and then threatened to expose them if they called him again. The women lodged complaints against him and he was arrested.

A drunk citizen got out of his car and removed the license plates of an Asian man’s vehicle. The incident took place at a traffic signal between Qurain and Mubarak Al-Kabeer. The Asian called police, who came and took the suspect to the police station. The car he was driving was found to be reported missing by a car rental agency. Separately, Hawally police arrested a drug addict who used to rob pedestrians, and was also discovered to be wanted on civil cases. Police also found drugs on him. He was sent to concerned authorities. – Translated from the Arabic press

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