Child rapist arrested

KUWAIT: A citizen was caught by a building haris (janitor) after he raped an Egyptian boy, and a bottle of liquor was found with him. The suspect and the child were sent to the forensics department for further examinations.

State security
A Syrian man got into trouble with state security when an officer noticed he was taking several pictures of a mosque from various directions. The officer took the phone from the man and handed him over to the authorities. The man said he was taking pictures to send to his family to show them he was praying. The man is being interrogated to verify his claims.

Six juveniles were involved in a fight and all were stabbed, including one who was admitted inside the intensive care unit in a critical condition. Police received a call about the fight in Ali Sabah Al-Salem and put an end to it, and the brawlers were taken to hospital under guard. Meanwhile, Jahra detectives are investigating a fight between four citizens that resulted in one of them running over a soldier. The soldier was taken to hospital, while the others were taken to the police station for further investigations. – Translated from the Arabic press

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