Citations against Airport employees for smoking

KUWAIT: Environment police issued citations to several employees at Kuwait International Airport for smoking. These citations were given to the department director and supervisors because they did not comply with the environment law and for allowing ash trays in no smoking zones. Environment police made a surprise visit to the Airport following complaints about people smoking and found the employees smoking outside the designated areas.

Waiter assaulted
A waiter lodged a complaint against a citizen who had physically assaulted him for taking a long time to serve him. The citizen had lost his patience while waiting and attacked the waiter. Police were called in and they had taken the angry citizen to the police station where the complaint was lodged.

Fake video
The Health Ministry sent a bedoon to prosecution services for making a video containing false claims about their employees stealing medicine from Mubarak Hospital. The suspect carried an ID card from the disabled authority that stated he is a Kuwaiti but was later found out to be a bedoon. – Al Rai

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