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Citizens discouraged from joining oil sector: Union

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi speaks during an event held yesterday to demonstrate the use of e-transactions at the municipality. —Photo by Fouad Al-Shaikh

KUWAIT: Deputy chairman of the oil sector’s employees syndicate Abbas Awadh described what recent oil recruits are suffering from as a ‘continuation of provocative policies’ in the oil sector with the aim of limiting the rights of employees and new recruits. Awadh stressed that holders of diplomas and university degrees were demoted the same way indemnity was previously dealt with. “Such practices are meant to discourage citizens from joining the oil sector and replace them with lesser skilled and experienced expats,” he said, noting that the syndicate will never allow privatization of the oil sector. “It seems that senior oil sector officials did not learn their lessons when thousands went on strike,” he concluded.

Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Mohammed Al-Jabri said Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi briefed him about using e-transactions in the municipality and how it would cut the paperwork needed on issuing all municipality licenses. Jabri added during an event held yesterday to demonstrate the use of e-transactions at the municipality that he saw a presentation showing the details about the project due to be trialed from Feb 1, starting with Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate before using it in all other areas. “This step will be followed by many others to stop corruption and bureaucracy,” he added, noting that the automated services system is capable of rejecting any incomplete transaction, and transactions that used to take six weeks will be processed within two days once the system goes in use. Acting director of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) Qossai Al-Shatti congratulated the municipality and stressed that e-services will be handy for both citizens and engineering firms. Shatti added that CAIT provides technical and operational services to all government establishments.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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