Cleaner caught in fire

KUWAIT: An Indian cleaner received burns and was hospitalized after the room he was cleaning caught fire. The man, who was working alongside a Syrian colleague, was using combustible chemicals to clean a room when a machine in the room started up, sparking and causing the whole place to catch fire.

Obscene gesture
A citizen reported to Maidan Hawally police that he witnessed an unknown person make an obscene gesture in public. He provided the license plate number of the car the person was driving.

Suspected drug abuse
Jahra police arrested a bedoon in an abnormal condition, as a police patrol noticed he was driving erratically. Police found pills and herbs on him suspected of being drugs.

Reckless driving
A citizen in his twenties was arrested for his reckless driving. He was charged with tinting his car’s windows above the allowed limit, endangering other people’s lives and not complying with traffic laws. His car was impounded as he was detained.

A security student told police he was beaten by a colleague in Bayan area. Meanwhile, a woman told Qairawan police her retired husband beat her at their house. And in another violent incident, a female student filed a police complaint against her maternal uncle, accusing him of beating her and tearing her clothing. She submitted a medical report to back up her claims. In the meantime, an Indian man who lives in Manqaf was beaten in Jahra by five men in dishdashas, using sticks and sharp objects, and he lost consciousness in the process. A passerby took the Indian to Jahra hospital where he was revived and treated. Detectives are investigating. – Translated from the Arabic press

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