Coronavirus in KuwaitKuwait

Co-op workers test positive for COVID-19

KUWAIT: Al-Faiha Co-operative Society announced on Saturday that it was closing yesterday and today because a board member and a number of volunteers were infected with the coronavirus. The co-op will re-open its doors tomorrow. Also, Shamieh Co-operative Society announced it extended its closer until yesterday to allow for more employees’ examining after several volunteers tested positive for coronavirus on Friday.

Meanwhile, a staff member in the maintenance department in Al-Sulaibikhat Co-operative Society was suspected of infection with coronavirus. The co-op said that the supermarket was closed on Friday and Saturday, noting that the employee was not in any kind of direct contact with customers. In the meantime, the manager of the Police Co-operative Society and one of the employees there tested positive for coronavirus. The coop was be closed yesterday.

In other news, citizens and residents are allowed now to book an appointment to shop at Al-Forda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry launched a trial booking appointment for people to shop from Al-Forda through The timing for appointment to shop is from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Meanwhile, the ministry noted that customers can register through the website to shop at co-ops only once a week.

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