Combating terrorism is a global duty

Labeed Abdal
Labeed Abdal

Condemnation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the recent explosion in Istanbul and the promises he made to continue combating terrorism has become a duty of all countries around the world. Erdogan described the attack as one against humanity and stressed that there would be no tolerance for such attacks. He vowed to tirelessly fight terrorism all the way to the end, which is a very hard choice to make at such a critical time when friends are turning into foes and vice versa.

This terrorist attack killed seven policemen and four civilians and injured 36 others, when a car bomb went off while a riot police bus was going past, which once more proves how brainwashed the executors of such attacks are. The fact that the attack was made on the second day of Ramadan proves that terrorism can happen anytime and anywhere, because the executors do not only go through ‘zero hour’ to kill themselves and other innocent people, but also have other goals greater than dying in small pieces.

This calls for uniting world efforts to counter the destruction taking place in Syria, Iraq, UK, India, Egypt, France or here in Kuwait last Ramadan by considering the message culprits may have wanted to convey by their crimes. The explosions in Turkey that destroyed several university buildings, the Istanbul municipality headquarters and mosques that go back to the Ottoman era involve political competition.

The age of information, the Internet and other such matrices call for comprehensive international readiness and fully constructive cooperation instead of establishing more clubs, especially by countries that have accidentally or deliberately forgotten all about the concepts of international equality and justice.

By Labeed Abdal
[email protected]

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