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Committee finalizes investigation report on military academy cadet’s death

Report defines charges facing 15 personnel subjected to investigation

Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: A committee formed by First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad A-Sabah to investigate the death of a cadet at Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy announced completing its final report, including recommendations made pending the return of the minister to make his final decision. In this regard, security sources said that aside from the recommendations, the committee’s report defined the charges facing 15 personnel subjected to investigation according to direct or indirect precipitation of the cadet’s demise in any way. The report further indicates that the committee listened to testimonies by academy officers, personnel and cadets, in addition to revising medical reports.

Lawyer required
Following the unraveling of an investigation of a female employee because of violating the proceedings law, the administrative court yesterday mandated various ministries and state departments to allow employees subjected to investigations to have a lawyer attend the investigation with them.

KD 150 bribe
Kabd police arrested an Asian man for offering a policeman a KD 150 bribe to release his brother, who had been arrested at a Kabd ranch for violating residency visa laws. Security sources said the policeman pretended to agree and reported the matter to his commander.

Overdue debts
Well-informed sources said the finance ministry is currently setting a new plan to collect overdue debts from individuals and private companies, adding that the total amount of debt is KD 1.4 billion. The sources added that the plan involves contacting the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) to suspend transactions with companies and co-ops that delay paying their debts, noting that MoCI has stopped providing the concerned co-ops with supply rations, which forced them to pay their debts.
In other news, MoCI launched a new integrated package of Kuwait Business Center (KBC), companies sector and commercial licenses services through the KBC website. A statement MoCI issued on this regard stressed that a large segment of citizens benefit from the new services that include founding new firms, issuing licenses, company adjustment, commercial registers, individual licenses and vending trucks. The statement added that the new services are mainly designed to reduce the number of manual transactions at ministry departments and use automated services in a bid to improve the business environment with the ultimate goal of turning Kuwait into an attractive destination for investors.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi

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