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Companies scramble to handle labor after govt contracts expired

5,792 workers on more than 200 expired contracts face deportation

KUWAIT: Some Kuwaiti companies have begun reorganizing their workers registered on completed government contracts, and asked the workers to correct their situation and find valid government contracts to transfer their residencies, or be ready to cancel them and return home. The law in Kuwait does not permit workers hired by private companies on government contracts to transfer their visas to other private companies, unless they are hired by a company on another government contract.

The Public Authority for Manpower asked the companies to sort their workers on the said contracts as there are 5,792 expat workers in this category. This comes as the authority made its periodic review of contracts and government project files, and found some contracts had expired on Sept 31, 2018, totaling more than 200 contracts with 5,792 workers. The authority has asked labor departments not to issue new contracts until the companies sort out this situation.

Insurance sector
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decision to regulate the insurance sector in cooperation with the Kuwait Accountants and Auditors Association that aims at reviewing the process of registering actuary experts and making sure the investment policies companies in this strategic sector apply are sound. The ministry said decision 215/2019 puts the actuary expert conditions including that they have a fellowship from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in London, Edinburgh or the US or a recognized university which gives equivalent degrees for the same scientific degree.
It said the decision had additional conditions that must be met by the actuary expert related to their degree or the number of years of experience to design insurance products and carry out the actuary accounts necessary to price those products according to known actuary standards around the world. It added that the actuary expert should have gained practical experience after receiving their qualification of a minimum of three years, should not have been convicted in a breach of trust case or declared bankruptcy. They also should have worked in the insurance field for 10 years at least, and should have practiced consultancy in an insurance company for three years at least.

The second item of the law set the main duties the actuary expert carries out in preparing actuary accounts according to actuary principles. It also helps the company in designing insurance products and carrying out actuary accounts necessary to price these products according to international actuary principles, and study results of the company’s work results with actuarial analysis.

The law decided the study of the company’s financial and technical situation and the sufficiency of the capital, technical allocations and financial solvency and give advice with regards to actuary work. The third item called for establishing a register at the insurance administration in which actuary experts are registered according to conditions mentioned in item 2.

Large sum of money
Capital detectives arrested a Bangladeshi muezzin who collected donations but kept them for himself. Police found a large sum of money he had collected in a month as he took advantage of the nearing of the holy month of Ramadan. The suspect confessed to collecting donations for years, adding he had transferred large amounts of money to his father in Bangladesh, where he bought homes and plots of land. He said he was sending the money under different names to avoid suspicion. The interior ministry ordered his deportation.

Munich Technology University
The executive system approved the request of the secretariat general of private universities council to allocate a site for the Munich Technology University in the area between Sixth Ring Road and residential Sulaibiya with an area of 150,000 sq m. The municipality stipulated the agreement of the services ministry and compliance with its stipulations to provide car parking for the university within its boundaries, present a traffic study for the location, obtain approval of the traffic department, make a comprehensive study of the environmental and social impact and get the approval of the Environment Public Authority (EPA).

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi

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