Competition heats up for 3rd constituency by-election

Ali Jamal Al-Zanki
Ali Jamal Al-Zanki

KUWAIT: The total number of candidates applying to run for by-elections in the third electoral constituency reached 39 and then dropped to 38 (including one female candidate) when one of them withdrew by the end of working hours on the seventh day.

In this regard, the elections department manager, Lt Colonel Salah Al-Shatti said that four new candidates applied yesterday to reach a total of 39 candidates and that one of the candidates withdrew and cancelled his candidacy. He added that candidates registry would end by Friday, January 22.

Shatti added voters would have to present their original citizenship certificate on election day and that those who do not have it could apply to the citizenship and passports department to issue a one-time use certificate valid only for election day.

Speaking on the occasion, candidate Hisham Al-Baghli said that in view of the short time remaining for the current parliament in office, and if he wins the elections, he would support current lawmakers.

Candidate Abdul Kareem Al-Hendal said that the most important issue he would focus on if he wins would be building Kuwait.

Candidate Ali Jamal Al-Zanki said that he would review his electoral program on launching his campaign headquarters.
The Third Constituency seat came open upon the demise of the late lawmaker Nabeel Al-Fadhel who passed away suddenly during the 22 December parliamentary session. Fadhl’s son, Ahmed, has registered to contest his late father’s seat.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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