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Completion rate of DHAMAN hospitals exceeds 70 percent

Al-Sanea: Completion rate of hospitals exceeded 70% to date

Arab: Enhancing the commercial operation of DHAMAN and increasing operational revenues

Al-Sanea: Work is underway to complete the requirements of the first operational phase of DHAMAN system during 2022

Al-Sanea: DHAMAN cooperates with an international consulting office to recruit an operator specialized in operating the HMO system

Al-Sanea: Company Primary Healthcare Centers witnessed increasing turnout from beneficiaries

Arab: Two Primary Healthcare Centers in Jahra & Fahaheel to be opened during current year

KUWAIT: The Ordinary General Assembly (GA) of the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) was held yesterday at the Company’s headquarters, with an attendance percentage of (74%). The meeting reviewed the most important advancements in the development of the Company’s business, the implementation of its plans, the results of the annual performance, the financial statements for the year ending on December 31, 2021, and approving the agenda.

During the beginning of the (GA), DHAMAN Chairman of the Board of Directors Mutlaq Mubarak Al-Sanea said that the repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect many dimensions of life, including the economic aspects and the business sector in Kuwait and the world as a whole.

DHAMAN faced and dealt with the challenges of this global crisis by determination to execute its plans and strategy with extensive efforts to complete the first phase of its integrated healthcare system, which includes five primary healthcare centers distributed over the various regions of Kuwait, in addition to two hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra governorates with a total of 600 beds.

The third primary healthcare center in Dhajeej was opened during the year 2020 and became operational at the beginning of 2021. In addition, work began on preparing and equipping two other centers in Jahra and Fahaheel, to complete the first phase with five primary healthcare centers during 2022.

Al-Sanea added that DHAMAN continued construction of hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra at an accelerated rate of completion in preparation for receiving them at the end of 2022, while making the necessary preparations for operation, including selecting medical equipment and devices, attracting the necessary medical staff, and so on. The completion rate of hospitals exceeded 70% to date. Meanwhile, cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health continues to start transferring the beneficiaries, who are residents working in Kuwait’s private sector, from the Ministry to DHAMAN’s network once operational.

Al-Sanea indicated that with DHAMAN launching operations and receiving patients commercially, the Company’s healthcare centers witnessed an increasing turnout from beneficiaries as a result of the high efficiency and outstanding quality associated with international accreditations applied by the company’s various staff in the medical and other fields, such as the standards of the Joint Committee International (JCI).

Al-Sanea added that based on its vision of raising health awareness and advancing the principles of preventive health, and in commitment to its leading health role and social responsibility, DHAMAN continued to build bridges of cooperation with civil institutions during the year 2021 and concluded a number of agreements with voluntary and charitable associations to provide medical services to relevant segments of society, such initiatives confirm DHAMAN’s awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Financial indicators

Although the company continues to bear the burden of establishment costs and construction of hospitals and primary healthcare centers, the operating income increased by 326% with the start of the Company’s operational activities in three primary healthcare centers during the current year 2021, while the value of non-current assets increased from KD 78,995,601 for the year 2020 to KD 113,726,046 in 2021, at a rate of 44%. Total equity amounted to KD 181,337,241 for the year 2021.

It is expected that a qualitative leap will occur in the financial indicators of DHAMAN as soon as the first phase is completed and the beginning of receiving of beneficiaries of the mandatory assurance service. The General Assembly decided not to distribute profits for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2021, given that the Company is still in the establishment and construction of hospitals stage and has not started full operation.

In conclusion, Al-Sanea affirmed that in preparation for the completion of the network as specified in the bidding booklet during 2022, the Board of Directors is cooperating with an international consulting office to attain an operator specialized in operating the HMO system, with extensive experience in this sector to take over, with the cooperation of the executive management, the responsibility of realizing efficient operation of the network in accordance with the latest and finest professional and organizational practices.

On his part, DHAMAN CEO, Thamer Arab reviewed the latest developments to build and equip DHAMAN hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra during the year 2021, asserting that efforts continued to conform with the approved schedule for delivery at the end of 2022, to complete phase one.

In conjunction with the continuation of construction, the supply work of DHAMAN Hospitals began through the selection of medical devices and equipment, the plan for the implementation of smart healthcare, and the completion of an integrated recruitment plan to hire the medical and administrative staff necessary to operate the hospitals. Each of DHAMAN Hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra consists of 5 floors and a basement with a total area of 82,000 square meters.

Each hospital has the capacity of 300 beds for inpatients, 14 operating rooms, 21 intensive care units for adults and newborns, laboratories with an area of 1,700 square meters, the radiology department with an area of 3076 square meters, the emergency department with an area of 5,289 square meters while being linked to an air ambulance helipad, outpatient clinics with an area of 8,340 square meters, in addition to the pharmaceutical department with an area of 1,739 square meters. Each hospital also has a car parking building with a capacity exceeding 550 cars.

Arab added that in preparation for the start of operations in the Company’s hospitals anticipated in 2022, the relevant departments commenced developing the administrative and technical systems, as well as procedures necessary to manage and organize work at DHAMAN Hospitals in a smooth and orderly manner. The electronic Unified Health Record System was implemented, which increases improving the process of collecting, classifying and disseminating data in two phases, the first in primary healthcare centers and the second will be implemented in DHAMAN hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra.

Major contracts were signed for the infrastructure of the hospital stage related to the digital healthcare system, including a contract to operate a network for transmitting data and internet between the Company’s facilities, and a contract for the supply, installation and operation of servers and networks for data centers in Jahra and Ahmadi hospitals.

Arab pointed out that the existence of three healthcare centers already operational at Hawally, Farwaniya and Dhajeej providing family medicine, dentistry, pediatric, radiology, and laboratory services and the plans to establish more in near future offers a clear edge in establishing a network of healthcare centers that covers a wide range of population with varying healthcare needs. In addition, Jahra and Fahaheel centers are under construction and procurement process for all medical devices has already started. The two new PHCs are expected to become operational in the second and third quarters of 2022.

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