Con artists scammed people with fake trip prizes

KUWAIT: A Jordanian and an Egyptian were arrested for swindling and blackmailing. A security source said a citizen told criminal detectives that he received a call saying he won a trip with all costs covered except for the ticket price. The man was asked to go to the company’s office in Salmiya, where he met two expats and paid KD 160. He later discovered that he was a victim of scam. And not only that, but he also learned that the suspects had went to court and were awarded KD 1,380 after winning a civil case they filed against him. Detectives worked on the case and were able to find evidence implicating the two of swindling other victims, and arrested them. They said during questioning that they worked for a hotel reservations company, but its owner denied knowledge of anything, so he was asked to cancel the contracts his employees made with customers. – Al-Anbaa

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