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Confidence is attractive

realGaining confidence has been a rather sensitive and essential issue that almost every girl deals with and some suffer from it. We live in a world now where everything is available, and the understanding of beauty has changed. In some aspects, it has changed to the better and in other aspects it has changed to the worse. Confidence is how you see yourself, whether it was physically, mentally or emotionally, and it’s also how you carry yourself in a crowd.

Many women and young ladies compare themselves to others, which is a huge mistake because that’s where the insecurities come in and play a huge damaging role. Sometimes people can get really nasty with each other and manipulative to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself, and only people who are weak and suffer from low-self-esteem would want people to feel as bad as they feel about themselves.

Building confidence takes a while, and only when you do good for others will you feel better about yourself, helping others and making them happy in any way will make you feel better automatically. Keep in mind helping others can be as simple as cheering them up when they’re down to as important as charity work and donating to the people in need.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you do better and who will also guide you whenever you’re at crossroads, feeling that love and care from others will also build trust between you and the people who matter to you the most. The more you believe in yourself and push yourself to achieve your goals the more your confidence grows with you. You need to love yourself first in order to love others, there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself and not settling for anything less than what you deserve.

Of course being overconfident isn’t an attractive characteristic, it will definitely cause you to loose opportunities in life such as a job offer or a career and so on, people who are overconfident tend to be more delusional or might come off as snobby to others. It also isn’t healthy mentally to think you are superior or deserve more than everyone else because sometimes when you set the bar really high, no one will be there to satisfy or support you.

The right amount of confidence is extremely attractive, it makes others want to meet you and hear your story and it also helps you believe in yourself to always do better, it also encourages you to solve any problems you encounter in your way, whether it was at work, at home or in a relationship. Confidence always comes from within first, then is boosted with what you achieve and who you help, however always be realistic and try to inspire others to be as giving, caring and considerate of others. It is always beautiful to see young girls and even older women support each other and just be satisfied with who they are and what they have, because if you think about it, there will always be better people, more beautiful, more successful and so on, but if you are confident and grateful then that shouldn’t matter at all to you, and you should always wish the best for everyone around you

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