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Congratulations to Kuwaiti students… and Welcome!

US Ambassador Lawrence Silverman

I heartily congratulate all students who have received Kuwaiti Ministry of Education scholarships and offers of admission from one or more of the over 4,500 accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States. Graduates of American universities have gone on to become leaders and innovators in many fields around the world, including Kuwait, and you should be proud of the invitation to join this special and select group of young people whose lives will be changed forever by the dynamism, openness, and quality of university campuses across the United States.

Offers of admission are the product of much careful thought and hard work, both by the students who apply and by American universities that conduct a rigorous review of their applications. You earned these acceptances; you should be proud. Universities recognize the energy and creativity you poured into essays about your dreams and ideas, the hard work it took to prepare for English language and other examinations, and the commitments you fulfilled to community service and extra-curricular interests.

Over a million international students are now in US higher education institutions, and around 15,500 of them are from Kuwait. We are proud that this is the highest number in history. For five generations, Kuwaiti students have studied in the United States, giving American students and communities a unique opportunity for interaction that expands their world views. This helps prepare all of us for shared, successful futures in an interconnected world. Studying in the United States makes you part of an impressive Kuwaiti tradition of getting the best possible education, then returning to help build the Kuwait of the future.

International students help maintain the United States’ long-standing position as the world’s top host nation for international students. This is a testament to the unmatched quality of American higher education in the eyes of international students, their families and the business community.

International students from diverse backgrounds also strengthen ties between the United States and countries around the world, developing the relationships between people and communities that are necessary to solve global challenges. We value inclusion and actively support students from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, and geographic backgrounds on campuses across the United States. Our universities value international students for the unique and diverse perspectives you provide both in and out of classrooms. For generations, Kuwaitis have taken the opportunity of their schooling in the United States to explore all that America has to offer. These travel and cultural experiences are an important part of your education and preparation for your new careers.

US colleges and universities take pride in providing safe, welcoming environments for all their students, and I want to stress how welcome you are in the United States. Many universities have come together to send a specific and direct message to students around the world through the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign. I join them in welcoming students from Kuwait to the United States, where our schools offer valuable educational opportunities to help you meet your life and career goals.
Consular officials at the American Embassy continue to work diligently to process student visa requests, and they are ready to welcome applications for students beginning their studies in the fall semester. Information about the visa process and maintaining your student status is available at travel.state.gov, ustraveldocs.com/kw, and studyinthestates.dhs.gov.

Be sure to follow us and check our Instagram account (USEmbassyQ8) for information about our upcoming “Student Visa Days,” which are specially designated days for students planning to study in the United States. Our Consular and Public Affairs staff are happy to be partnering with the Ministry of Higher Education and with the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) to help facilitate the process of applying for visas and the distribution of information about studying in the United States.

In addition, “EducationUSA” advisers worldwide stand ready to answer questions. You can contact our very own adviser for Kuwait, Carine Nassrallah, via email at: [email protected]. Ms. Nassrallah is ready to assist you with your search for the right academic program for you, undergraduate or graduate. American colleges and universities welcome you, as do the American people and communities throughout our country.

As the US Ambassador to Kuwait, I personally encourage those of you who have received offers of admission to accept this life-changing opportunity and join your peers in experiencing the unique value of an American higher education.

By Lawrence R Silverman, US Ambassador to the State of Kuwait


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