Cop arrested for running brothel of Chinese women

KUWAIT: A police officer was arrested for running a brothel using a number of Chinese women to attract customers through social media and websites, said security sources, noting that the suspect admitted to his crime. Another police officer was arrested for abuse of powers and blackmailing a women who had sought his help on some legal matter, said security sources, noting that the woman filed a complaint to his superiors. The woman added that she initially responded to his demands but when he went too far and tried to force her to have an affair with him, she decided to report him to authorities.

Policemen honored
Twenty one police officers and security men were honored and promoted in appreciation for their role in foiling an attempt to kidnap a Kuwaiti coastguard patrol boat by some Iraqi fishermen, said security sources.

Only acting
Two male citizens, who had appeared in a social media video talking about an affair they allegedly have as ‘lovers’ were arrested, said security sources, noting that the men strongly denied homosexuality and said they were only acting on the video. However, they were both referred to relevant authorities for incitement of vice.

Drug abuse
Two citizens were arrested in Jahra for smoking hashish and falling asleep in a vehicle, said security sources, noting that patrol officers noticed them in a vehicle and thought they were sick. However, the two suspected were awakened by the patrol’s flashlights and siren. On searching them, detectives found more hashish and two joints. Separately, a citizen with a criminal record was arrested for hosting some drug abuse parties at his house in Taima, Jahra, said security sources.

Thief caught
A citizen who had specialized in robberies was arrested at a Jahra stable that he had been using as a hideout as well as a place to store his stolen goods, said security sources, noting that detectives found over 80 smartphones, three vehicles, six TV’s and a many laptops inside the property. – Translated from the Arabic press

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