Corona conspiracies…or conspiracy of viruses

By Tareq Al-Duaij

Since the emergence of COVID-19, many conspiracy theories about its causes and reasons came and went. These theories had their audience around the world, and here are some of them:

1. A Chinese plot to destroy the American economy.
2. A Chinese plot to destroy the global economy.
3. An American plot to destroy the Chinese economy.
4. An American plot to force China to sign a trade agreement.
5. The 5G conspiracy to control and exterminate people.
6. Anthony Fauci making billions from a new vaccine.

7. Bill Gates making billions from a new vaccine.
8. Bill Gates chip implant conspiracy.
9. Bill Gates’ plot to exterminate people.
10. A plot to destroy Islam and Muslims.
11. Developed countries eliminating the elderly and poor.
12. Racist American conspiracy to eradicate poor blacks and Latinos.

13. Biological weapons companies testing a new virus (weapon).
14. WHO conspiracy to spread terror and control people.
15. Pharma plot to alter the DNA in humans.
16. Elites conspiracy (them/they) to take away people’s freedoms.
17. The corona hoax conspiracy (forging death certificates) to intimidate and control people.

I’m sure there are other conspiracies depending on the country, but maybe there is another type of conspiracy that of the viruses themselves. Viruses hold a meeting at the end of each decade to review developments and achievements over the previous 10 years, and here are the main points from the most recent meeting in 2019:

As usual, smallpox was first to speak and said it had nothing new as it was eliminated by vaccination 40 years ago. Measles also had nothing new to say; the number of cases and deaths decreased worldwide due to vaccination. But it appears from time to time among where there is no vaccination.

Polio also declined due to vaccination, and is only present in Pakistan and Afghanistan where vaccinations are resisted. Then Ebola said it still spreads fear among people during its epidemics, but failed to cause pandemics across the Earth, as the means to control it are developing.

AIDS said it also continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people annually, and has spread terror among people and managed to change their behavior. But it warned that medicines are improving. The influenza virus stated that it still kills hundreds of thousands worldwide, and is a burden on health systems, but it has not been able to change human behavior or even spread fear among them. Then came the SARS virus, who had good beginnings, killing 10 percent of those infected, but transmission was not easy, so it was controlled and eliminated.

Finally, their new friend, named “COVID”, came forward and requested the attendees: Give me two years. I will combine influenza deaths with the fear of Ebola, and create a pandemic that covers the globe, infect millions of people and kill a small percentage, but in large numbers. I will cause confusion amongst humans, paralyze their governments and health systems, and force them to change their behavior for a while and distrust science and governments, and create conspiracies.

Other viruses stood back and wished it good luck. I have no interest in analyzing these conspiracies, as their supporters and opponents will remain. Older conspiracies are forgotten as new ones appear. What we see now is that infections are increasing daily, deaths are rising, hospitals around the world are suffocating, economies are collapsing, scientists are developing vaccines while the virus is mutating, and people are fed up. And it looks like we have another year to go.

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