Corona it is!

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Yes, and I am sorry – it is COVID-19 again! When the coronavirus launched its total and devastating attack towards the end of last year, countries sounded alarms, went on the alert and took several measures in an attempt to contain it and keep it from invading countries that did not have it initially. However, the virus made it to every country and spot on the globe, though I am not sure about the north and south poles, but I remind you the virus can survive in temperatures of around -50 C, so take notice!

Still, initial measures were relatively successful in keeping the number of cases low and prevented the virus from spreading rapidly. This continued for a few months and the number of cases were going down somewhat. Meanwhile, the economy was taking a hard beating, while a huge backlog of work at government offices piled up because of the abrupt halt in functioning, so authorities began a gradual easing of measures on the way to restore normal life and jumpstart the economy!

Health authorities meanwhile kept their instructions as they are, and added to them to prevent people from being infected and transmitting the virus to others. We were warned about a second wave of the virus, which may be more devastating than the first, and people must brace for it!

It seems that people who were frustrated with the measures went out in droves, leaving behind all that is necessary to keep themselves from being infected, so those responsible for disease control started to slow down the full return to normal life and the phases started to drag on, but eventually things progressed to what are almost normal day-to-day activities.

Now we are experiencing the rebound of this vicious virus that did not go to sleep for a second. This opportunistic unseen enemy kept searching for a weak front we created for it and penetrated it with a vengeance. My friends, it is us who are keeping this annoyance around. It is because of our behavior and our lack of compliance with instructions, the very simple steps that we should take to help avoid the disease to a very large extent!

  • What is wrong with wearing a mask?!
  • What is wrong in keeping a distance between you and others?!
  • What is wrong with waiting when too many people are in an elevator?!
  • What is wrong in washing hands and using sterilizers before touching your face?!
  • What is wrong with going along with common sense?!!

Governments and concerned authorities are now thinking about reversing gears and start reinstating strict and tough measures to gain control over the super-spreading behavior and practices of people. Experts can tell us what to do, but it is we who should execute and implement. And if we do not comply, then it is only us to blame!

I hope the message was delivered. May God bless you all.

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