Corona the Invisible

I know and understand that we are all tired of hearing the word “corona”, but do you not agree with me that it is living among us, and we all should be behaving in a way to avoid it? Do you know that this coronavirus cannot live outside a cell for long, regardless for a few hours or days? So it is our behavior that is the most potent medicine against it.

Coronavirus is making governments mobilize all their capabilities to fight it – even military personnel are found in force on streets to help in the war against it. The hidden danger of this enemy is that it fights on two fronts simultaneously with the same power and force – one for being invisible, as people may not be careful enough when they are out gathering in close proximities, and being in markets and shops very close together, to a point that forced authorities to enforce tougher rules to impose a partial then full curfew, in addition to other measures in an attempt to stop it from spreading.

Now we are hearing about new cases in large numbers, and this may be due to earlier contacts or even continued contacts with those who are infected but are asymptomatic. So please do not take anything easy or become bored or complacent towards this pandemic. Let us remember that some countries that declared they were coronavirus free made a U-turn and started to announce new cases! Let us be patient and vigilant while fighting to get the opportunity to declare victory!

There are talks about opening up the country, even if gradually, and as I mentioned about the GCC Health Council booklet in the past two days, there is one part of it that covered behavior in offices. The booklet reminded employers of a few things that they should consider carefully. The employer is advised to have flexible policies towards sick leaves that agree with instructions of public health authorities, while employees should be aware of them. He is also advised to have policies to allow employees to stay home to care for a sick person or care for children.

It asks that no large meetings be held while maintaining a two meter distance between employees and gives instructions to that effect. Again, no shaking hands and making sure sanitizers and masks are available in the office. The employee on the other hand should follow the offices rules and procedures, avoid use of phones, offices and equipment of others, and clean them if necessary before use. Employees must clean surfaces and things that are frequently used including keyboards, phones, door handles and so on.

Finally: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

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