Coronavirus: The obnoxious guest

By Abdellatif Sharaa

When the novel coronavirus surfaced, we wondered whether it will reach us from that far part of the world, but then and all of a sudden it was with us; maybe sooner than expected. It then appeared in Latin America among other parts of the Americas – in other words, this novel virus covered the entire globe in lightning speed.

We must thank the authorities, NGOs, Red Crescent, volunteers and others for their hard work day and night in their attempt to contain the virus and prevent its transmission, and at some point there was relative control of the situation.

Now as the country is opening up, are we ready to keep the confrontation going on in our favor? This time all must be involved and cooperate. In fact, it is we the people who must carry the banner and fight, as we learnt and knew what should be done to at least leave the virus out of our bodies.

It has been proven that just one person can infect a thousand in a flash, just like what happened in a brotherly country when someone invited more than 500 people to a wedding party. A few days later, infections started to appear in various parts of the country from north to south, as when the invitees returned home, they carried with them the virus that caught hold in their communities, and this led to the country’s lockdown for weeks.

We do not need that to happen now. Let us be smart and use our brains to protect each other. We do not need curfews, isolated areas, shutting down government departments, the private sector, schools and so on, and all of this can be avoided if we just follow a few simple steps that we are reminded of several times a day on various media platforms.

Now, many experts are speaking about second and third waves of the virus invasion – they have their reasoning for this and give us warnings about this vicious invisible enemy. They let us behave in a way that recognizes the fact that the virus is still there and it actually did not leave, to return in a second or fifth wave.

The government’s gradual return to normal life is justified, of course, as we have seen how people were harmed and economies were badly dented. Many countries watched in despair as unemployment rose to alarming levels, debts deepened and the livelihood of the majority of people was affected.

Governments are taking steps towards normalization of daily life with the fear that we should live with coronavirus as a choice, because the economy must rebound, otherwise hardships will be unbearable. Let there be cooperation between all parties to make the pandemic rest in peace regardless of how long it stays among us.

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