Cosmetic obsession

Muna Al Fuzai

Plastic surgeries have boomed in recent years, and nowadays many men and women go to cosmetic clinics and pay a fortune to look younger and prettier – but it is not always a fairytale. Some have lost their lives or ended up with permanent deformations. Yet, some people still take the risk with these costly operations with hope that eventually they will look gorgeous without ascertaining about the reputation of the doctor and their qualifications and efficiency, or even their own need for the process.

An incident occurred in Kuwait this year and caused much debate. A woman went to a doctor for a liposuction to remove excessive fat from her body. But she was not aware that the operation would be filmed and shown to the public via social media with semi-nude pictures of her. The doctor posted the video on his Facebook account while he was doing the liposuction, while the woman appeared almost naked. The doctor tried to justify his act as a way to show his skills and dazzling achievements.

The Ministry of Health took a decision to suspend the doctor from practicing his job for six months, which means that he will suffer from financial loss for not being able to conduct operations throughout this period. His reputation in the society is also damaged for not being honest or trustworthy, which is important for any doctor.

It is noteworthy that Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi has called on the department of medical licenses at the ministry to investigate the incident due to its violation of the patient’s privacy and ignoring the standards of the medical profession. The Ministry of Interior, through its electronic crimes department, also a filed a legal complaint against the doctor for violating regulations and laws and publishing semi-naked images on social media.

This issue is now over and the doctor has to accept the results. But, the problem is with the obsession with plastic surgeries globally and not just here, and this is scary for the future. A report was recently published on the most popular cosmetic operations in 2017, and breast lifting and tightening came first on the list. The number of cosmetic operations in the United States and Britain rose 4 percent compared to last year. The facelift is also one of the top five operations on the list after breast lifting, followed by liposuction and nose and eyelid lifts.

I am not against cosmetic surgery, but it should only be used to rectify a deformity or as a solution to a health problem. I am not convinced that the reduction or enlargement of the breasts is necessary, for example. The increasing number of slimming operations means that people will not be interested in exercising and healthy eating, because cosmetic surgeries and liposuctions are easy ways out – but they aren’t. Many people do not think about the possibility of medical errors and the expensive costs of these procedures. They could pay with their lives if they go to the wrong doctor.
By Muna Al-Fuzai
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