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Court adjourns case of woman accused of joining IS

KUWAIT: The criminal court yesterday rejected a request to release a Kuwaiti young woman accused of joining the Islamic State (IS) in Sinai, Egypt. Security sources said that the girl’s case was adjourned to hear the defense final argument. During an earlier hearing, the 21-year-old woman pled not guilty to the accusations, claiming that she was ‘deceived’ into going to Egypt where she was promised a happy life, but instead was kept hostage inside a house where its keepers called her father and demanded a ransom for her release.

Mobile trucks
Head of the Municipal Council’s legal and financial affairs committee Ali Al-Moussa extended his congratulations to all citizens on passing the mobile trucks regulations chart. “This chart was jointly approved by the council and Kuwait Municipality’s executive body to support young people wishing to start their own businesses,” he underlined. Moussa said that the chart included only 11 activities for which those trucks could be licensed. The chart also limited the locations of these trucks in parks, seafronts, beaches, festivity areas, camping and chalet areas, sports clubs, agricultural areas, highways, border centers, the scrap and the used cars markets. Meanwhile, Chairman of the board of the food public authority Essa Al-Kandari stressed that the authority will be responsible for issuing the health licenses and setting the conditions of those trucks. Kandari also stressed that the authority will be responsible for issuing health certificates for the owners and operators.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi



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