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Court rejects ‘cheating’ students’ plea

KUWAIT: The court of urgent matters yesterday rejected six cases filed by high school students complaining about being deprived of the right to sit for all exams, which disappointed them, after they were hoping that a verdict issued in favor of another student would apply to them too. This verdict also means that the Fatwa and Legislation Department has succeeded in defending and supporting the decision made by the education minister after realizing that cheating is very detrimental for education in Kuwait.

$7.4 million

A government body employs 31 expats and annually pays them around $7.4 million (KD 2.23 million), ie an average of around $239,000 annually and $20,000 monthly to each employee, well-informed sources said. The sources also said the parliamentary budgets and final statements committee inquired from the finance ministry about the details of listing the sum of KD 42 million for salaries in ministries’ budgets in the fiscal year 2018-2019, while the total value of special contract salaries paid to Kuwaitis working in the civil aviation, the Audit Bureau and the Cabinet is only KD 2.7 million not KD 42 million.

Cleaning contracts

Chairman of the Municipal Council Osama Al-Otaibi said that Kuwait Municipality director had asserted that the municipality will sign new cleaning contracts of a total value of KD 140 million in November. Otaibi added that both the council and the municipality are not satisfied with the cleaning contracts signed in 2011 for KD 290 million, especially after both the Audit Bureau and the municipality admitted that the offer had not been properly studied and that one of the cleaning companies had been fined several times in Kuwait, while it acted professionally in similar contracts in other GCC states. “This means that the problem lies in monitoring,” Otaibi underlined.

By A Saleh

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