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Court reviews request to suspend petrol prices’ hike

KUWAIT: The administrative court is scheduled to review a case filed by a local lawyer demanding undoing the decision to increase petrol prices that already took effect on Sept 1. In his brief, the lawyer argues that as an oil derivative, petrol is one of the country’s natural resources, and accordingly, any price increases should be made by a legislation passed by the parliament as it is the body responsible for organizing the management of the country’s natural resources. “This increase is unconstitutional,” the case brief stressed, demanding suspending the increase immediately until KPC annuls its decision.

Shrimp prices
Yesterday’s fish auction at Sharq fish market witnessed the largest shrimp catch offered for sale since the shrimp season started, where 1,066 shrimp baskets including 24,500 kg of shrimp were on sale for prices varying between KD 55-60 for large sizes and KD 25 for smaller ones.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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