COVID-19: Staying at home

Now it is obvious that COVID-19 is hanging on tough, and is infecting people one way or another despite efforts exerted by many governments, and Kuwait is no exception. Countries are making progress, but just one mistake and no compliance by some people have caused setbacks, and the numbers took the curve to higher levels.
There is no denial that COVID-19 imposed its own curfew on people by limiting their movement, making them spend time at home and changed the style of living of communities. Economies around the world were rattled as the spread of infection continued, making people sad and down on themselves. There are those who are already suffering from depression and other related conditions.
A report on the BBC spoke about preemptive moves that can be taken daily to improve the mood, even during times when worries and fears are high. Many international experts in psychology have given practical daily advice to help in dealing with psychological stress in a better way. Some of the best pieces of advice may be surprising due to their simplicity.
When you become concerned with a certain issue that brings fear to you, be it the spread of the novel coronavirus, climate change or any other issue, you will find yourself compelled to follow the news and its development almost all the time. Yet a study showed that reviewing the incident that causes stress over and over again is linked to hypertension and low mood conditions, so diverting attention and ceasing to think about the reasons for the stress may help reduce hypertension to normal rates.
One important thing that we must be aware of – although meditation may help many overcome psychological pressure, it may increase anxiety and tension in others. Some people may consider meditation as an opportunity to ruminate on negative ideas and may find it difficult to stop thinking about the incidents causing anxiety and psychological pressure when attempting to clear their minds, and it may be better for them to divert attention to other necessary matters.
Final word: “Hope is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” – Anon

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