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Creativity, crochet and community – Yarnbombing at The Secret Garden

yarnA local community garden in Salmiya got a set of new clothes this past weekend when dozens of volunteers came out to help ‘yarnbomb’ it. Yarnbombing is the act of installing crocheted or knitted items on public spaces and places like trees, streetlight posts, benches, and etc. It is a new phenomena in Kuwait and this is the first public event of its kind here. The Secret Garden is part of an effort by a group of local volunteers, led by Mariam Al-Nusif to develop community-based projects that enhance public spaces and activities in Kuwait.

Volunteers met in the afternoon to install crocheted and in some cased knitted squares, garlands, bunting and other items to trees, lamps posts, benches and other places in the garden. An array of food and drinks were available and children dug in the garden or helped distributed crocheted hearts to all attendees. A local crochet group, Khayt Group from Al Sadu House, also came out and taught crochet workshops for free.

Crocheters and crafters from across Kuwait contributed to the event with dozens of donations from various crochet and crafting groups. A crocheter in Sweden mailed in squares for the yarnbombing when she learned about the event on Instagram.

“Yarnbombing is a way of creatively reclaiming and enhancing a public space,” explained Tammy Assad, one of the organizers. “The Secret Garden is a public space meant to create community. Since there are a lot of talented crocheters in Kuwait, our yarnbombing event was the perfect collaboration of creativity, crochet and community. There was nothing but positive energy from everyone who attended which made it a truly rewarding experience.”

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