Croatia’s Reaktor signs joint venture with Kuwaiti tech provider AEA Manufacture

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the President of Croatia

KUWAIT: With the recent visit of the Croatian president to the State of Kuwait to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah two companies playing in the innovation and engineering market segment signed Joint Venture. AEA Manufacture, one of the first IoT manufacturers in Kuwait and one of the top innovation and engineering companies in Croatia, Reaktor, joined forces for Middle East expansion. Both parties are extremely proud of this partnership and supported by recent political and economic relations between Kuwait and Croatia.

“In 2008 the number of connected things to the internet became equal to the number of the world population. By 2020, the Internet of Things market is estimated to be  $14 Trillion. The world is changing rapidly with new technologies and innovations. As the world adapt and apply the new technologies, Kuwait is on path to follow where the world is going. That’s why we at, Applied Electronic manufacture made sure to be ahead in time and start to serve this new market in Kuwait to provide the High-Tech product and services and to do this we are proud to have our Joint venture with the Croatian Hardware Innovation company, Reaktor. Together we are introducing latest technology and innovations services to Kuwait enterprise and startup clients”, said Ali Ashkanani CEO at AEA Manufacture.

We serve businesses or any entrepreneurs that are looking to automate their process, product, or services. We use the internet to connect all their hardware or existing device via secured platforms and servers and we also support any other special request the client need, such as, design, simulate and manufacture.” said Mr. Ashkanani. With the world rapid change in Technology, the customers demand fast delivery, tailor made solution, and up-to-date product and service. Therefore, the client requires professional team who will support them in step by step to fulfill the request.

Reaktor’s advanced products and solutions
“We see a great business opportunity in custom made Building Management Systems (BMS), as well as remote monitoring of the consumption of water and energy, and applying big data  solutions to identify opportunities for savings. To complement need for high tech, connected buildings we are in particularly interested in integrated centralized BMS with modules for visitor flow analytics, permission ID cards, indoor positioning and geofencing. In Kuwait there are many World class prime real estate assets that would benefit from implementing cutting-edge innovative solutions that we can offer.” stated Ivan Jelusic, CEO at Reaktor.

The latest projects
“On European ground, we work mainly with early stage startups and on special projects for big enterprise clients. We have worked and developed unique solutions from premium phone chargers, robotic arms controlled by computer vision, biosensors, medical devices and processes, to a cloud IoT platform and infrastructure serving whole city to monitor energy consumption and analytics for its public lights.

Recently, we’re seeing a lot of interest from creative agencies for development of very interesting high-tech projects in exclusive limited series, for marketing purposes. In Kuwait, together with AEA Manufacture we are going to be offering solutions for IoT and BMS market segment which is currently underserved, along with our general engineering and manufacturing services. Our first clients in Kuwait are the premium office buildings mostly looking for centralized cloud solutions to increase security, optimize energy consumption and custom product/solution development.” said Jelusic.

Plans for the future
Jelusic also added “Together with AEA Manufacture as our joint venture partner, we want to become leading innovation, product development and manufacturing companies in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) serving both small and large scale clients. We are able to take idea from paper sketch to high volume production in-house and even put your product on the markets on European soil. Moreover, we believe that our presence in region will open up market even for other companies from Croatia interested in this doing business in EMEA.” “First step into working with us would be a brief project/product requirements or problem you want to solve after which we will be able to make technical concepts and budget estimate. We are looking forward to have your business partnering with innovations,” Ashkanani concluded.

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