Cross-dresser caught

KUWAIT: Patrol officers pulled over a car in the Rehaya desert and thought at first that the driver was a female wearing heavy makeup who was in an abnormal condition. The discovered later that the motorist was a 40-year-old male. Police found heroin, shabu and three joints of hashish. He was arrested and sent to concerned authorities. In addition to drug possession and abuse, the man also faces charges of cross-dressing, which is illegal under Kuwait’s Penal Code.

Generator thieves arrested
Ahmadi detectives solved the mystery of the theft of power generators from camps after they arrested a bedoon, two Egyptians and an Iraqi, in addition to a prisoner in the central prison. Police received complaints that generators were being stolen. Detectives then learned about a bedoon, who confessed to several thefts and told them about a partner who is serving a jail sentence, and an Egyptian who bought what they stole. The Egyptian said he sold three generators to people he did not know, then told them about another Egyptian and an Iraqi. Detectives found 34 power generators with the second Egyptian. The Iraqi was caught with two generators. All four were sent to concerned authorities. – Translated from the Arabic press

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