Customs agents at airport busted for taking bribes

KUWAIT: Residency Affairs detectives arrested two employees at the airport for their involvement in enabling wanted persons and those with travel bans to leave the country in exchange for money. Both confessed to the charges. The arrest was made following information about the suspected activity. A wanted person was sent to them and an agreement was made to help him leave in exchange for KD 2,000. Both were arrested in the act.

Stolen money returned
Kheitan detectives returned KD 10,000 to a citizen which had been earlier stolen by his Ethiopian maid. A security source said a retired citizen sought the help of police after the money, which he had reportedly borrowed to buy a flat in an Arab country, went missing along with his maid. The maid helped detectives in her arrest when she bought a phone and used the internet, and the line led to the discovery of her hiding with one of her relatives in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. The money was short KD 80 only.

Money from car stolen
An Egyptian mandoub sought the help of police when a thief broke into his car and stole KD 1,700. Security source said the Egyptian went to Kheitan police station in a hysterical condition and told them his car was broken into while parked in front of his building and KD 1,700 were stolen. Police are investigating.

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