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Customs collects 5% handling gees

KUWAIT: The Customs General Department began collecting five percent of the handling fees starting from November 10, 2015, equaling to around KD 500,000 per year, after the company investing in customs services has not been paying for a while.

Director General of Customs Khalid Al-Saif said the administration succeeded in reaching an agreement with the investing company, Global, to pay five percent of what it collects for handling. Saif said it was agreed to upgrade all inspection systems of trucks and containers, and there will be six systems established at a total value of KD 18 million, in addition to upgrading other systems to check persons, luggage, radioactive, biological and chemical material, and other systems to discover banned substances and drugs.

The customs department will collect nearly KD 250 million during this year as customs’ fees on imported and exported goods, he said. – Al-Rai

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