Customs officials stop cigarettes before being smuggled to Saudi Arabia

KUWAIT: The Kuwait-Saudi border witnessed the confiscation of thousands of cigarette cartons that were heading to Saudi Arabia. After Saudi Arabia increased prices of tobacco products by 100 percent, some Saudis have resorted to the Kuwaiti market, where smokers have started to feel a shortage of some types of tobacco products because of wide-scale smuggling into Saudi Arabia. Many in Kuwait are finding it difficult to find their preferred brands in grocery stores and supermarkets, while some co-ops only sell two packs per person. Customs authorities on both sides of the border have toughened inspections to prevent travelers from having more than two cartons. Land customs director Mashan Al-Saeedi said 3,000 cartons were confiscated during the last 10 days, while 856 cartons were confiscated only on Tuesday.

Fake detectives busted
Police arrested two citizens for posing as detectives to rob expats in Farwaniya. A security source said two Asians sought police’s help after they were robbed by two “detectives”, and led police to them. The suspects were arrested, and KD 1,600 as well as a number of wallets belonging to victims were found. The two said they robbed 10 persons and were found convicted previously for molestation and drugs.

Officer insulted
A citizen insulted a police officer in protest over pulling him over in Jaber Al-Ali. He then ran him over and dragged him, before fleeing on foot and leaving his car and civil ID behind. The police officer was in a patrol car near the Subhan cemetery, and asked an SUV to pull over. When he asked for the driver’s ID, the driver became angry, grabbed the officer’s hand and drove off. Paramedics were called in, who took the officer to the hospital. The suspect was not found in his house, so he was placed on the wanted list.

Suspected drug user arrested
A citizen, responding to questions by police patrolmen if he had illicit items, said, “Yes, I have hashish.” The man was found sleeping in his car near the old Hawally security department building. The man told police he was sleeping because he was exhausted, but they noticed he was abnormal, and were surprised by his answer. He handed them a piece of hashish, and they also found a pack of cigarettes laced with hashish. He was arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Dancing girl sought
A girl was seen dancing in the street to blaring music, and many bystanders recorded the scene and posted it on social media. A security source said investigations are underway to identify the girl, who is expected to be charged with indecent behavior. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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