Customs prevent drug smuggling

KUWAIT: The General Administration of Customs has prevented smuggling into Kuwait of marijuana and hashish. The Administration, in a statement late Sunday, said they arrested a person after he received a parcel from Canada containing 1.9 kg of marijuana wax. Inspectors informed the Ministry of interior drug control department whose personnel arrested the man after allowing him to get his package, it said. Meanwhile, Custom officials inspected luggage of a passenger who came from Delhi, India, and found 79 pieces of hashish. Both persons were taken into custody for further interrogation.

In other news, a 40-year-old Syrian woman and her 26-year-old son told police that they were surprised by the woman’s ex-husband, his son and a third person breaking into their house. The ex-husband stabbed the woman’s son with a knife in the neck and left hand, while his son hit him with a baton on his head and took pictures of the house, Al-Anbaa Arabic daily reported yesterday. Police responded, and upon their arrival, the woman told them the suspects stole her personal belongings and official documents, in addition to her SUV.

Separately, Ahmadi prosecutor asked forensics to go to a site in Egaila to collect evidence, and asked detectives to investigate and determine the identity of thieves who entered a transformer and stole several cables. An authorized Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water worker told Rigga police that the ministry spotted a problem in power delivery, Al-Anbaa reported yesterday. When technicians worked on the problem, they found that a transformer in Egaila was the source of the problem. They discovered that 20 cables with an estimated value of KD 8,500 were stolen.

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