Customs seize shipments containing banned substances

KUWAIT: The General Air Customs seized three different shipments containing illegal substances. One shipment contained over 3 kg of powdered Lyrica, a banned substance, which was hidden inside food supplements. The other two shipments contained 280 grams of marijuana plants, and about 200 grams of marijuana wax, respectively.

“A specialized squad has been designated 24/7, and was successful within a short period of operation to spot illegal substances,” said the manager of Air Cargo Customs, Mutlaq Al-Enezi. These efforts come after direct direction from the Deputy General Manager of the General Administration of Customs, Sulaiman Al-Fahad, to pay close attention to incoming shipments, in order to improve Customs operation.

Legal procedures have been taken towards these shipments and their owners, and they were transferred to the Drug Control General Directorate. The General Administration of Customs warned against trafficking in illegal substances, as legal procedures will be taken against perpetrators.


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