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Dar Al-Othman awards winners of Holy Quran memorizing contest

KUWAIT: Two hundred male and female students were awarded after memorizing parts of the Holy Quran in the closing competition of Dar Al-Othman under the presence of Director General of Minors’ Affairs Authority Hamad Al-Barjas as well as representatives of the special education department at the education ministry.

“The competition included the participation of 1,000 contestants with special needs. It is considered a great achievement, and we appreciate the role played by the committee of trustees for management and development in establishing and implementing charitable projects inside and outside Kuwait,” Barjas said.

Adnan Al-Othman, representative of the trustees committee, expressed his great pride in holding the Holy Quran Memorization Competition for the fifth year, which contributed to motivating the participants from the special needs category in cooperation with the education ministry and private education department.

“The competition aims to encourage people with special needs to turn to the Holy Quran in memorization, understanding, performance and contemplation, which would fuel the spirit of honorable competition in good faith,” Othman said.

“I would like to thank Zakat House, which supervises charitable projects, and the distinguished community for advancing this competition, as well as the department of special education at the ministry of education for their effective role, and everyone who contributed and made this competition a success,” he added.

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