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Dasman Diabetes Institute organizes awareness campaign

KUWAIT: Dasman Diabetes Institute organized an awareness campaign at the Scientific Center. The institute’s mobile clinic conducted analyses and medical examinations for employees and those present at the Scientific Center. Head of public relations and media at DDI Tareq Al-Aryan said: “The institute participated through the medically equipped mobile clinic to conduct basic and preventive medical examinations such as checking sugar levels, pressure and vital signs, in addition to many other tests. This is based on the institute’s belief in the necessity of conducting early examination and raising awareness of diabetes to contribute to the prevention of this disease and its complications.”

The participating specialized medical team also provided medical consultation on diabetes and its complications, answering questions about various medical issues. Moreover, educational brochures and pamphlets on vital topics such as healthy foods, intermittent fasting, how to prevent diabetes, insulin doses and many others were distributed to the attendees. “The institute spares no effort in spreading awareness among all segments of society, noting the importance of the role played by the institute through these awareness campaigns,” Aryan added.

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