Dealer planned to bribe officer to smuggle drugs to inmate

KUWAIT: A joint operation by a central prison lieutenant and Jahra detectives resulted in arresting a bedoon man trading in drugs from his Sulaibiya house. He was planning to provide a prison inmate with drugs by bribing the officer. A security source said an officer at the reform institution told Jahra detectives about a central prison inmate offering him a KD 1,500 bribe to allow in drugs and mobile phones from a bedoon. A warrant was obtained to arrest the bedoon in cooperation with the officer. The detectives installed cameras with video and audio inside the officer’s car after both sides agreed on the place and time of the exchange. The officer waited for the bedoon in the Qairawan Co-op Society parking lot. The latter got in the car and gave the officer a pack of cigarettes with “chemical” drugs inside. When detectives rushed to the car, the suspect snatched the pack and fled. Detectives chased and arrested him following violent resistance. They found the cigarette pack, two black envelopes and two mobile phones. Six more bags were found in his house, with 50 empty bags having chemical residue in them, as well as KD 1,160, which was the price of the drugs sold. The suspect confessed and was sent to concerned authorities.

A Canadian woman pressed charges against a female member of the ruling family, saying she entrusted her with a house bought and registered in her name, with an agreement to transfer it to her. But she was surprised by the ‘sheikha’ selling it few days ago. A security source said the Canadian woman went to Bayan police station and told them that she bought a house and registered it in her friend’s name, so she can transfer it whenever needed, based on an official contract between the two. But the accused sold the house, contrary to the agreement. Police are investigating. Separately, a citizen was swindled by KD 12,000 by a Syrian expat, who was his partner in a construction tool business. The citizen told Fintas police that he had a partnership with the Syrian but was surprised by the Syrian withdrawing KD 12,000 from the company account and disappearing. Police are working on the case.

Addicts caught
Farwaniya police found a citizen who was on drugs and sleeping in his car in the parking lot of a school. They found 94 illicit tablets along with eight unidentified pills. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. Meanwhile, Mubarak Al-Kabeer police arrested a citizen who parked his car on the road shoulder in Qurain after consuming a large amount of drugs. The arrest was made when a police patrol noticed the car was parked suspiciously, then found the driver in an abnormal condition. He was searched and found a hashish joint and a shabu envelope.

Bitter ex charged
A female citizen accused a man of insulting and threatening her after she dumped him and refused to meet him. She said she knew the man for some time, then differed with him because he was interfering in her life, so she broke up with him two months ago. The source said that the woman, in her 20s, was surprised by his call two days ago, which she did not answer. He then sent her a message, to which she replied. He asked to meet her, and on refusing this, he insulted her and threatened to harm her. Police are investigating.

Liquor factory closed
Ahmadi police closed down a large factory in Wafra producing homebrewed liquor. They arrested an Indian man reported absconding by his employer who ran the place, along with four other compatriots who worked for him. A total of 260 barrels full of liquor in addition to 800 bottles were found at the scene. An imported bottle of liquor was also found. Police discovered that the factory owner does not drink the liquor that he makes, but drinks the imported ones. The five men were sent to concerned authorities. – Al-Rai

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