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Decree has helped streamline works of governorates: Al-Asfar

KUWAIT: Hawally Governor and acting Capital governor Ali Al-Asfar affirmed that organizing the work of governorates is clear through a decree which organizes following up activities and public facilities in the governorate, as well as coordinating between government agencies and communicating notes to officials, each within the scope of their specialization.

“The governorate follows up the performance of services provided by the authorities and is interested in noting observations, as well as following up citizens’ complaints in order to improve the provision of appropriate services for the convenience of citizens,” Asfar said. He also revealed a number of statistics and figures by concerned authorities from the beginning of this year until the end of October.

“The municipality removed more than 471 awnings erected in public squares or on state property, removed 40 barriers on paths and roads, monitored 93 violating properties, 116 building violations were monitored, over 107 building citations were issued, and more than 1,483 citations were issued over hygiene and road works,” he explained.

“The statistics also showed that 1,397 warnings were issued, 493 pledges were made, the number of warning stickers exceeded 14,412, and the total number of violating vehicles exceeded 2,321, while 59 complaints by neighbors were addressed,” he added. As for the statistics for violations issued by the prevention sector at the Kuwait Fire Force, 327 facilities were cited for not meeting safety and prevention requirements, and 81 facilities were administratively closed.

“For the Hawally health zone, outpatient clinics received 25,172 cases in internal medicine, 3,353 cases for children and 13,057 cases in surgery clinics. Dermatology clinics also received approximately 39,382 cases during the year,” Asfar said. The governor expressed his appreciation for all the efforts made, hoping to do more to serve the people of the governorate and facilitate their affairs.

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