Deliverymen robbers arrested in Salmiya

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested a Kuwaiti man and his girlfriend who used to break into deliverymen’s cars and steal mobile phones and computers. The deliverymen used to go to the address given to them, but once inside the building, they found the address was wrong. When they returned to their cars, they discover they were broken into and expensive items were stolen. The arrest was made in Salmiya and both suspects were in an abnormal condition. Both confessed to targeting deliverymen of mobile phone companies and committing several thefts.

They were detained for further legal action. Meanwhile, detectives arrested a Kuwaiti man who broke into an Egyptian man’s car and stole smartphones and accessories worth KD 5,000. Detectives were able to identify the suspect through the security cameras of a nearby store and arrested him. He confessed to committing the crime. In a separate case, police are looking for an ex-convict who insulted a detective verbally after he failed to beat him. The detective was surprised when left his work by a man trying to hit him, but was able to avoid him. The suspect then shouted indecent insults and escaped. The detective said he had previously arrested the suspect over several cases and it is possible he wanted to take revenge. The suspect has a record of drugs-related crimes, thefts and muggings. – Al-Rai

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