Demonizing the expatriates

Declare the truth

Yousuf Al-Sultan

As a preface for the article, I would like first – as rational Kuwaitis amongst other Kuwaitis – to declare that foreigners residing in Kuwait who abide by law and order are our guests, and should be given all the appropriate options of living and freedom of everything, regardless of abnormal statements by peculiar people who sleep at night with nightmares that reflect the next day on their sick attitudes. Prior to independence, Kuwait contracted and hired multinationals to assist in exploration and producing oil and its various byproducts, along with others who strived hard to establish our medical and educational infrastructure.

Prior to independence, when policymakers in Kuwait wanted to establish a modern society, and with limitations of Kuwaitis both in quantity and quality, foreign manpower was the prime source in establishing several domains – health, education, judicial affairs, all sorts of media, research, sports, etc. I have witnessed the development of Kuwait and its worldwide reputation since the 1960s. Nonetheless, I declare the truth – that without foreign participation, no parameter of progress would have been achieved.

Kuwait’s Islamic and Arabian paradigms do not allow insulting or discounting the efforts and impact of any person. It would be abusive, uncivilized and unfair if we do not credit or appreciate expatriates’ efforts and hard work. Last but not the least, other rational and appreciative Kuwaitis and me are grateful to all foreign efforts to build Kuwait.

By Yousuf Al-Sultan

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