Dentist accused of sexual harassment

KUWAIT: A woman accused a dentist of sexual harassment, saying that he committed his behavior inside his clinic in the presence of an Indian nurse. She said that the dentist harassed her for more than a minute before she confronted him. The dentist was summoned for questioning.

Teachers insulted
Two Kuwaiti teachers lodged a complaint at Bayan police station claiming they were insulted by a Kuwaiti couple while at school.

Physical assault
A citizen took his son to Naeem police station with a medical report to lodge a complaint against a school mate who beat him inside the school. When the student in question was summoned, he said he was also beaten. Police are investigating. Meanwhile, a Lebanese woman accused her compatriot of beating her, then when the man was summoned to the police station, he claimed that the woman also assaulted him physically. Both were sent for questioning to find out what exactly happened. – Translated from the Arabic press

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