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Department authorized to transfer work permits under seven conditions

KUWAIT: In a bid to do both employers and workers justice, acting director of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Moussa authorized the authority’s labor relations department and its units to accept or reject work permit transfer applications.

According to the decision, the department and all labor units will allow transfers in seven cases including proving that employers had violated law 6/2010, banning employees from travelling, if the employee’s relation with the employer is that of a partner, terminating employees by employers without violating article 41 of law 6/2010, the employee’s resignation and employer accepting it, cases included in articles 48 and 50 of the private labor law number 6/2020 and employees having worked for over three years for the same employer, provided employers are given proper legal notice in unlimited contracts and waiting for contract expiry in limited ones.

Moussa added that transfers would be rejected in five cases including the validity of limited contracts without any violations on the employer’s side, private school teachers desiring to transfer in the middle of the school year, working for less than three years on employer-issued work permits who insist they continue working for them, employees registered on government contracts and violating article 44 (a) of the private labor law.

KD 250 insurance
Chairman of Kuwait Businessmen Society Anwar Al-Meshaal bin Ajween praised Social Affairs and Labor Minister Hind Al-Subaih’s response to the society’s appeal to cancel ministerial decree number 19/2015 pertaining with paying KD 250 insurance per worker on issuing work permits and restricting it to employers having contracts with the government.

MP sued
Chancellor Mohammed Al-Duaij yesterday filed another complaint against MP Abdulhameed Dashti, who described him as ‘one of Saddam’s judges.’ Duaij had earlier filed a complaint against Dashti for insulting judges after a court passed sentences against suspects accused in the ‘Abdaly cell’ case last week. Notably, the court sentenced two suspects to death and 20 others to various prison terms.

No compensation
A civil court yesterday decided against compensating those who had been renting Amghara land plots for damage resulting from the huge occasional tire fires at the Amghara scrap market. The fire happened a few years ago before the market was relocated in Naayem along the Salmi highway.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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