Deportee returns with different passport

KUWAIT: A Bangladeshi man who was previously deported tried to return to Kuwait by using a passport that belongs to someone else. He confessed to buying the passport using all his savings. The man presented a passport to the officer, but he was referred to the forgery department, where he insisted the passport was his despite the difference in the picture. He later confessed he had bought the passport, because he cannot use his original passport after he was deported. He will be deported again.

Fatal fall
An Indian man fell from a high place to his death at the Mutlaa City project. His body was recovered by the coroner. Investigations are ongoing to find out the reason of the accident.

Prostitutes arrested
Vice detectives arrested two Ukranian women for practicing prostitution. The two contacted their clients through pornographic sites and charged KD 100 per hour. Legal action is being taken against them prior to their deportation.

Search for thief
Criminal detectives are looking for a man who attempted to rob the cashier of Sulaibiya Co-op Society and injured him in the process. The suspect has a criminal record and was arrested over several offenses, most notably possession of an unlicensed firearm. The thief escaped after the attack, but was identified through cameras, as he is well known to police. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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