Diabetic children entitled to disability allowance: Court

KUWAIT: Lawyer Nasser Al-Ajmi said the administrative court yesterday ordered the public authority for the disabled to issue a ‘disability certificate’ for his client’s daughter, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, and pay her the related allowances retroactively, which had been rejected by the authority. Ajmi argued that children with type 1 diabetes are entitled to be covered by law number 8/2010 with all the financial and legal rights that the law provides for the disabled.

Commercial fraud
Responding to a video recently posted on social media, Kuwait Fishermen Union yesterday issued a statement expressing frustration “of both fishermen and consumers alike” over commercial fraud that he said are committed by some fishmongers at Sharq fish market, who allegedly mix imported and fresh local fish. “They defrost the imported fish and sell it as freshly-caught local fish,” the union said in a statement. The union also stressed that some inspectors are too harsh in examining local fish compared to what they do with imported ones. The union also stressed that inspectors are never present at dawn, when imported fish is auctioned.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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