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Diplomatic Women’s Committee organizes Ghabqa

KUWAIT: The Diplomatic Women’s Committee prepared the “Ghabqa celebration” within the activities of the holy month of Ramadan, a cultural and a social entertainment gathering, in the presence of the honorary President of the committee, Sheikha Halah Bader Muhammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the committee’s advisor Nargis Al-Shatti, and the media and public relations officer Fauzia Abdul Basit.

Among the attendees were a large group of lady diplomats, spouses of ambassadors, and friends of the committee. The event was organized in the middle of the courtyard of the Naif Palace, which is considered the oldest palace for the ruling family in Kuwait, it is distinguished by its historical virtues, and today it is a building for the Capital Governorate.

The program was presented by the famous Kuwaiti anchor Abdul Aziz Darwish, who described the event of Ghabqa as a cultural celebration that people of Kuwait celebrate in Ramadan to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of their families. The Ghabqa was inaugurated with the Kuwaiti traditional cuisine and the baker who baked the tortillas, which is specially prepared in Ramadan along with old Kuwaiti folk songs that are sung in Ramadan and some folkloric dances.

The guests visited the museum located in the palace which tells the history of the palace as Sheikha Halah gave a detailed explanation of the history of the ruling family. At the end, the governorate official, Abdul Karim Mahdi, was honored for his kind efforts to make this evening a success as everyone enjoyed this wonderful cultural evening of Ramadan, the honorary President of DWC, Sheikha Halah Al-Sabah thanked and praised the members of the committee for their efforts organizing such a distinguished cultural Ramadan evening, wishing them all the success in future.

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