Do I elect an Infidel?

The little noise seems loud in front of the big silence. A few speak and many hear them, and many keep silent and no one feels their presence as if they do not exist. This is the truth with regret and more regret is that those who cause the noise are mostly rogues or holders of a certain purpose, and their noise does not represent the public’s interest.

It is very clear that there is a lack and inability of understanding those who cause the noise, who get angry and shout over something they did not understand in its reality. This is what is known as the policy of the herd, which makes the sound, and goes right or left, while at the same time no one takes a different direction from this herd. During one of the voting seasons, I asked a young university graduate, who I thought had enough understanding and awareness, and I thought that he was going to vote for a candidate who has open thinking – I asked him for whom are you going to vote? He surprised me with a name of a candidate from a faction that is opposite to free ideology!

I told him why do not you vote for so or so who has an open ideology and knows parliamentary work with its correct methods? His answer was a shock for me when he said: I will not elect him because he is a liberal! I asked him: Is him being a liberal keeping you from voting for him? He looked at me with wonderment and said: Do you want to elect an infidel? The lack of awareness and understanding has become a general trait, especially among the youth group, which with regret, did not work on building itself or its brains – rather it gave its reins to the society to carry out this superficial and distorted upbringing and this fragile building.

Many times we find angry people claiming that they are defending their beliefs, which they think was insulted because of what so and so said, although there is nothing offensive towards what they believe in, but the superficiality of understanding and absence of awareness are what made them believe this. We are living a case of instinctive spontaneous reaction condition, like the physical reactions the human being cannot control, but the brain reactions must happen as a result of understanding and awareness, not as a result of emotion, absence of awareness and unavailable understanding.

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Saleh Al-Shayji

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