Doctor and a male nurse assaulted at Sabah hospital

KUWAIT: A doctor and a male nurse at Sabah Hospital were beaten by three bedoons who work at the public relations department over a dispute over using a toilet. The doctor and nurse exchanged blows with the three because they insisted on using the nurses’ toilet. Hospital security controlled the fighters and called police, adding that the nurse was badly injured and was taken for surgery, while the others were taken to Shuwaikh police station.

Police assault
Police received a call about a three-car accident – one driven by a citizen in his 30s, another by a man in his 60s and the third driven by a citizen in his 20s, who seemed abnormal and pushed one of the policemen who responded to the call. The man was taken to Sharq police station and charged with insulting a public employee on duty and driving under the influence. – Translated from the Arabic press

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