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Domestic helper offices refunded KD 123,573 to employers since April

Manpower authority sheltered 50 female workers at its expat labor shelter

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Manpower managed to make some domestic helper recruitment offices refund KD 123,573 to employers since the beginning of April, deputy director for labor protection affairs Abdullah Al-Motoutah said. The authority also helped in sheltering 50 female workers at its expat labor shelter, legalizing the statuses of some of them and filing 81 citations against domestic helper offices for violating article 24 of law number 68/2015, Motoutah added.

77 percent
Civil Service Commission (CSC) statistics for the first quarter of 2019 showed that the total number of citizens working in government bodies until the beginning of April was 275,000 (77 percent of the total manpower), while the total number of government employees belonging to other nationalities was 78,000 (21.8 percent of the total manpower). Statistic also showed that 1.2 percent of the manpower belonged to GCC states, with a majority of around 4,000 from Saudi Arabia, 232 from Qatar, 108 from Oman, 106 from Bahrain and only 17 from the UAE.

Reducing prices
The Ministry of Commerce’s consumer protection department manager Faisal Al-Ansari said agreements had been made to reduce the prices of 15,734 items during Ramadan with the aim of providing the best offers for consumers, adding that 54 co-ops and department stores had received approvals to organize special offers during Ramadan.

Entrepreneurs’ products
Kuwait Municipality’s deputy director for projects affairs Nadia Al-Shereeda called for allocating the old Riqqa vegetable market to display the products of entrepreneurs, including youth and families. Shereeda added that she had accordingly contacted the municipality’s organizational sector and that the project will also include a youth market for crafts, multipurpose booths, multipurpose halls, special stores for traditional goods, a shaded walkway, restaurants, cafes, toilets, parks, mosques, fountains and administrational offices.
Meanwhile, Kuwait Municipality’s Acting Director Abdullah Emadi said it is hard to connect Wafra highway with the Seventh Ring Road. Responding to a proposal made by municipal councilmember Ali Ben Sayer to do so, Emadi explained that the route is interrupted by the Burgan oilfield, adding that Kuwait Oil COmpany had been accordingly contacted.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi

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