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Domestic helper recruitment offices urged to update data before August

KUWAIT: Manager of domestic helpers’ regulation department at the Public Authority for Manpower Nasser Al-Mousawi urged all domestic helper recruitment offices to update their data at the department’s headquarters in Rumaithiya before the beginning of August to avoid legal accountability. Mousawi added that only 223 out of a total of 432 offices had so far updated their data, pointing out that legal actions to be taken vary from filing citations, suspension and even license withdrawal. Mousawi said that his department had received 802 complaints till May 2019, compared to only 281 in the same period the previous year.

Jordanian universities
A Kuwaiti students’ union in Jordan urged His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to look into resolving the problem of suspending Kuwaiti students from joining 15 Jordanian government and private universities and to reconsider accrediting them, especially since these universities have many agreements with international universities and that none of them had ever received any academic warnings. The union slammed the ministry of higher education’s recent sudden decision to disaccredit the 15 universities without any explanation or even visiting the concerned universities to evaluate them.

New teachers
The Ministry of Education (MoE) is currently waiting for the return of its committees dispatched to Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine to hire new teachers to start the procedures of appointing new teachers and form special teams to start receiving them at Kuwait airport, said educational sources, noting that MoE will also arrange with the airport authorities to allow its vehicles into the airport to take the teachers’ luggage to the MoE hostel. The sources predicted the first group of teachers to start arriving by August 18, ie after Eid Al-Adha, and that special teams from the health and interior ministries will receive them to conduct the needed medical tests and do the residency procedures, in addition to representatives from local banks to open bank accounts for new teachers and give them a KD 200 loan in advance. Further, the sources said only 100 teachers had been hired locally, in addition to 200 from Tunisia and Jordan and 350 from Palestine, which adds up the total to 650 teachers, still leaving MoE short of 130 teachers from the total number of 780 needed for the new school year.

Nurseries’ licenses
Kuwait Municipality Deputy Director Mohammad Al-Zobi said a ministerial decision had been issued limiting licenses for nurseries to three per residential area. Responding to an inquiry by Municipal Councilmember Hassan Kamal about nursery licenses, Zobi explained that the Ministry of Social Affairs usually asks the Municipality to examine the location, number of floors and parking availability before approving the application and issuing the license according to ministry regulations.

Families’ products
Manager of the community development department at Ministry of Social Affairs Nadia Al-Azmi announced launching the productive families’ project, adding that these families’ products will be displayed for sale in six co-ops by the beginning of September. Azmi added that special training workshops had been opened at every community center to train women in painting, sewing and carpentry in various areas.

New structure
Well-informed sources said the Ministry of Health (MoH) has finished putting the final touches on its new organizational structure, adding that the new structure will reorganize various sectors, central directorates and health zones with the aim of avoiding the remarks made by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and other auditory bodies.

By A Saleh

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