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Don’t sacrifice charity

Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

The most bizarre news I heard yesterday was that mosques in Kuwait will not be allowed to set up tents during Ramadan. This is a normal practice known in the Arab world as Muwaed Al-Rahman (table of the Merciful), where mosques set up tents to serve iftar meals and allow more room for worshippers. Anyone who needs food can go to the nearest mosque and eat. And this is not just for the poor – it’s for anyone who’s fasting and happens to be traveling. At the azan, they can stop at any mosque and break their fast.

The report said the Ministry of Interior has taken this step for security reasons. Of course I am with the Ministry of Interior for any necessary security measures that protect Kuwait. We will never forget the heinous attack on our mosque last Ramadan and God bless all the souls who were lost.

But we should not let this security phobia destroy our lives and traditions, especially when it comes to charity. I know for a fact that many people, especially workers and laborers, really depend on the iftar at the mosques for their meals. As the Ministry of Interior has said they are more alert over protecting mosques and places of worship, it’s not difficult to protect the tents that are adjacent to the mosques and provide iftar.  We need to let charity prevail and not fear, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

Anyway it’s unclear even from the circular issued by the Interior Ministry if mosques will be allowed to serve iftar meals inside the mosques. It’s not an ideal option to eat inside the mosque, because there is very little time between breaking the fast and prayers, and you need to clean the place and get it ready for worshippers. It is an easy option to have a tent adjacent to the mosque.

We are looking forward to the holy month of Ramadan and we pray for peace and tranquility for the whole world.

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