Draws for Arab Masters Tennis Tournament

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: There will be 11 matches on the second day competition of the Groups Stage for the singles of the second Arab Masters Tennis Tournament for men being at Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Abdallah Al-Sabah International Tennis Complex. The draw was made on Monday in the presence of Kuwait Tennis Federation Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Adelsamad Al-Aryan, Board member and Treasurer Ali Al-Daihani, Board member of Arab Tennis Federation Waleed Sami and tournament referee Abdelraouf Abdelsalam in addition to 23 Arab players. One player was not able to participate due to an emergency.

Winners of the first and second places of each group will move to the quarter finals. Meanwhile, the leaders of the four groups will meet those in second place following the knock-out system to decide those heading to semi-final. Abdelsamad Al-Aryan said the draw went on smoothly with the presence of participating players, under the supervision of ATF and tournament referee. “We thank KTF and ATF President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Sabah for his support,” he said.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Tennis Federation Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Adelsamad Al-Aryan is pictured with participating players.

The 2nd Arab Tennis Masters, (the best ranked players from 10 Arab countries) will be exciting and tough. Players were distributed into four groups to ensure more interaction between Arab players. Algerian player Toufik Sahtali said he was happy to participate in the Arab Masters Tournament. “I am happy to be in Kuwait alongside many Arab players. I am keen to participate for the second time and I have prepared very well for this event,” he said. Sahtali lauded the Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah International Tennis Complex.

The four groups are as follows: First Group: Fares Abdelkareem (Bahrain), Akram Mohamed (Egypt), Iskander Mansouri (Tunis), Yassine Dlimi (Morocco), Mohammad Al-Awadhi (Kuwait). Second Group: Bader Al-Abdallah (Kuwait), Toufik Sahtali (Algeria), Amar Alhogbani (Saudi Arabia), Benjamin Hassan (Lebanon), Mohammad Safwat (Egypt), Mousa Alkotop (Jordan).

Third Group: Hassan Ibrahim (Lebanon), Yaqoub Mohammed (Kuwait), Saud Alhogbani (Saudi Arabia), Abdallah Shelbayeh (Jordan), Mohammed Oukaa (Tunis), Essa Qabazard (Kuwait). Fourth Group: Yacoub Makzoume (Syria), Rayan Dylan (Algeria), Ali Al-Shati (Kuwait), Mohamed Dougaz (Tunis), Mohammad Maamoun (Egypt), Walid Ahouda (Morocco).


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